Honus and Me - October 13, 2009

Today I am going to tell you about the book Jackie & Me. Jackie & Me is a great book and it is the second book in a serious after Honus & Me. These are both two great books by Dan Gutman. This book made me feel sad, bad and right in the action. I made a few text to me. One was that Joe Stoshack, the main character, was invited to play in a pick up game on the streets. When I lived back in Minnesota my friends and I would always play pick up games at the end of our road.

Some of the things that really changed with Joe was his personality. For an example, when he played baseball in his little league games the other players got him flustered and eventually he got ejected. Where as at the end of the book he learned to control his anger in his playing. I think because of the Phillies the whole Dodger team changed also. In the book the Phillies were very cruel against Jackie Robinson. They were calling him names and everything when one of the Dodgers stood up for Jackie and then they all did. In the end of the book they all realized, just because of the Phillie's that both white and black are equal.

Because the Dodgers then approved of Jackie the fans started to as well. Soon Jackie was respected and some other black people were allowed to play in the majors, and boy have some of them been good. I think the thing that I would change in this book is the character Ant. He was awful mean and lied to the police. I think that instead of Ant taking his cards I think that when Jackie moves they lose them. I think that the authors message is that every one is equal and that in some places in time and in this time right now in some places people are treated badly but treat them like you wanted t be treated. In others words the golden rule.

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  1. Well done - a really neat journal entry. Be careful with words like 'few'. You indicated that you made a few connections but you only mention one in your journal entry. I find it interesting how these books take historical events and make them into a story to help us understand. Do you think this event was a very important one in baseball history? I really like your final conclusion.