A Single Shard - May - 4 - 2010

I think that Linda Sue Park made this book, A Single Shard, to teach a lesson. I think that in this book their were many lessons, but the biggest one is to never give. The reason I think that is because when the main character, Tree-ear, goes on his journey many things get in his way but he continues throughout the days to his goal. During the book Mrs. Park used a great amount of detail to tell me what was going on, and to comprehend what had already happened.

Two characters that really changed in story were Min the potter and Tree-ear. Tree-ear really changed throughout the book. First he was just an orphan that only worked with his friend to survive, but then changes one day when he takes a look inside Mins house and breaks one of Mins pieces of work. After that he has to work for Min for a few weeks for him to build the same figure. But Tree-ear wanted to work more for no pay. Min approves but his wife says that they have to give at least one meal. So he works for Min even though Min is not the nicest to Tree-ear, and then once Tree-ear returns home he finds out that Craneman is dead. So I think changed to most because of much his lifestyle changed. Another person that changed was Min. He was always very strict with Tree-ear and didn't care for him much. But when Tree-ear goes through his hard times Min was there for him. In fact he adopted Tree-ear. I think that was a huge change.

I think that there were many problems in this story but the main one was getting Min's work to the emissary in Songdo. It would take at least three days and Tree-ear would be alone the whole time. But then adding onto that problem theifs steal the vases and throw them off the cliff. Luckily Tree-ear remembered the words of the emissary "All I need is a single shard of an inlay work and you can have the job." Tree-ear did just this, he gave the shard to the emissary, and then was escorted back to his home. Later he told Min of the great news, he had got the job!

Skeleton Key - April - 12 - 2010

In Skeleton Key I think that Anthony Horowitz did very extreme job. What I mean by that is he really expanded the words and made the unexpected happen, because of this high amount of detail I was able to understand and feel what the character was going through. I understand how frustrated the main character, Alex Rider, was. He kept getting used just to keep his friend in England.

During the story Alex Rider was starting to be very cautious and pays plenty of attention to things he should pay attention to. When he was captured, he had to learn to deal with both the weird and the crazy. I think the main reason why Alex had to change was because there was so much change around him. Plus he had to keep his emotions inside him because of all the emotions bouncing around in his head. Another character that seemed to change rapidly was General Sarov. When he first saw Alex he thought of his son, and while Alex considered the General as his enemy, the General thought of him as his son. At first he loved Alex but later he was very confused why Alex wouldn't want to be his son. Sadly in the end the General had lost to much of his heart and passed away before his mad scheme could take place.

I felt that the problem in this story was the General. He wanted to kill and destroy tons of people and land to prove that his country has lost there great power. He intended to set a bomb on the eastern coast of Russia. When he was done he would make the president hated and later he would become the new one. Throughout the story Alex run into little bumps in the road that slowed him down from stopping the General from this madness. In the end though the police come to the coast before the bomb was set. Alex took care of the Generals helper but the General had had enough and past away. Alex had saved the world for the fourth time.

Thunder on The Tennesse - March 10, 2010

I really liked Thunder on The Tennessee because it used a lot of detail and feelings. What I mean by feelings is that it really expressed Will's feelings, Will is the main character. Throughout the book I felt for Will, I felt bad that he had to leave his girl friend also because he thought the battle would only last a few months. But he didn't let leaving the girl behind stop him. The author did a great job writing this book.

I felt really bad for Will when he was on his first day and he spent the whole day fighting and marching. Will's dad was a colonel. He and Will were really close. They spent all of Will's birthday's together Will wanted to be just like his dad. But on the final charge when his dad was the last officer left he was shot. To balls hit him in the chest. He was taken to the medical tent but only lasted a few hours. I think that Will really had to toughen up because of hid fathers death. I think he showed great character.

I think that the problem was basically the war because Will was taken from his family with only his dad and then his dad died. I think the problem was that he had to toughen up after his dad died. I think the problem was actually resolved when he went home.

38 Weeks Till Summer Vacation - March 1st, 2010

I think Mona Kerby wrote 38 Weeks Till Summer Vacation to tell kids that some people are rude to you because they want to be friends with you, or they like you. The reason I think that is the meaning of the story is because that does happen in real life. People are mean or linger around people because they are nervous around them. That is why I think Mona Kerby wrote this book. This book in some parts was a little confusing, and made me feel bad for the main character, Nora Jean. I also felt her confusion and happiness as the story went on.

At the beginning of the story Nora Jean really admired another girl in her class named Thomasina. She thought that Thomasina was beautiful and smart. Because of this Nora Jean will do anything to become better friends with Thomasina. So Thomasina ends up using Nora Jean and telling her to get her bag and books for her. At first Nora Jean just did these things for Thomasina. But as the book went on Nora Jean turned her down and realized that Thomasina was using her. She then realized that her real true friend was a chubby girl named Rosalie. Another big character in the story was the bully Jimmy Lee. He was mean to Nora Jean all throughout the book. Until they had their pizza party at the library. Jimmy was sitting next to Nora Jean and then Nora Jean started to choke. Nobody noticed but Jimmy Lee. He told Nora Jean to stand up, Nora Jean did. Then he grabbed her back and pulled back. He was performing the Heimlich. Nora Jean then spit out the pepperoni she was choking on and was saved.

I think the problem was that Jimmy Lee was bothering Nora Jean. But Jimmy Lee actually liked her. He just liked messing with Nora Jean. But Nora Jean took everything seriously. Until Nora Jean was choking and Jimmy saved her, Nora Jean hated Jimmy Lee. It wasn't until he saved her that she realized he was just messing with her. So I think the solution was Nora Jean being saved by Jimmy Lee.

Walk Two Moons 12/14/09

When Sharon Creech wrote Walk Two Moons I think she was aiming for the stars. Throughout the book she used amazing detail and had a heart warming story, but at the same time a big mystery. Whenever I read a single word from the book I could picture me there with the main character. Even though the book used great detail and had a great story line I could always follow and picture the story. That is why I thought Walk Two Moons was a just right book for me.

As the book went on more characters changed. The person that changed the most though was Sal and Pheobe. Sal changed in a miture way. She learned to accpet that her mother left her. Although she was sad because of her mother an aweful lot she still grew stronger without her mom. Even though when she sees her mother again she wasen't standing, she was under a gravestone. Pheobe, Sal's friend, Chnged in many ways to, but in the exact opposite way. Her mother left when Sal moved to Idaho. She left to find her child that she put up for adoption. Phobe and her family got very worried though. Pheobe's mom had just left, Pheobe was worried, sad, and mad. She became less and less miture throughout the book so Sal had to watch her careful. Although Pheobe's mom did return.

The main target in this book was Sal's mom. Sal really wanted to get to her for her birthday. She rode with her grandparents all the way to Lewiston, Ohio. All the time she had rushed her grandparents past many momuments. Such as the black hills to get there. Although she hits a speed bump that turned ino a huge problem. A few days before her grandmother had been bitten by a snake. She then was rushed to a hospital. A couple days later she found herself in anther hospital, and it was the last place for her. Sal and her grandfather were waiting when Sal was taken out of the room by the nurse. Her grandfather before she left gave her a hint. A hint to what she should do. He wanted her to drive the last hundred miles with herself as the driver, she did just as he had said. Only to find her mother dead. The when she returned to her grandfather she had lost her grandmother. She had died too.

I think one thing I would change is the moms. In every book or movie I watch or read either a mom leaves or dies. Don't you think that gets a little old? I do. I think I would have changed the fact that the mom died. I think the author was tryig to say that things won't always work out for you nd you have to accept the truth.

Sign of the Beaver, December 1th 2009

Sign Of The Beaver Summary:

As Matt lays on his bed staring down at the cozy fire he wishes the Indians would have stayed. Although they were right about their land Matt wished they could have stayed near his family's cabin. Now they had white settlers living all around. He was also glad though that his family finally came. His dad had left for was supposed to be two months but was a long six months, but they had come. Matt was feeling quite honored. The Indians had called him their white brother. The Indian bot named Attean and his grandfather Sakniss had made a deal. Matt would read Robinson Crusoe to Attean and in exchange Attean supplied him with food and helped Matt live by showing him how to use a bow and arrow, making a a trap with trees, making bait for fishing, to make signs, and many more. As he stares at the fire he realizes that the Indains had saved his life, and even though they had offered for Matt to come with them, he had stayed and waited for his family to come. Matt's mom tucked him in bed, and before falling asleep he thanked the Indians for all they had done.

Whipping Boy Summary

As Jemmy and the prince look out at the kingdom below them, Jemmy thought how he got here, with the price on this very night. He was amazed but then again thankful. Some how he had made a friend here in the castle. That person just happened to be who everyone called Prince Brat. As he thought it over the prince had really changed. Before they left the prince was an orniray spoiled brat, hence the name Prince Brat. Now he was different, he was just another boy to Jemmy. Jemmy figured it was because he had to trust Jemmy to flee the two outlaws Billy and Cutwater, which he had done. Every since no one called him prince brat. He was a very well behaved kid and Jemmy's one and only friend. Jemmy smiled at the prince as they gazed out for the last time before going to bed.