Walk Two Moons 12/14/09

When Sharon Creech wrote Walk Two Moons I think she was aiming for the stars. Throughout the book she used amazing detail and had a heart warming story, but at the same time a big mystery. Whenever I read a single word from the book I could picture me there with the main character. Even though the book used great detail and had a great story line I could always follow and picture the story. That is why I thought Walk Two Moons was a just right book for me.

As the book went on more characters changed. The person that changed the most though was Sal and Pheobe. Sal changed in a miture way. She learned to accpet that her mother left her. Although she was sad because of her mother an aweful lot she still grew stronger without her mom. Even though when she sees her mother again she wasen't standing, she was under a gravestone. Pheobe, Sal's friend, Chnged in many ways to, but in the exact opposite way. Her mother left when Sal moved to Idaho. She left to find her child that she put up for adoption. Phobe and her family got very worried though. Pheobe's mom had just left, Pheobe was worried, sad, and mad. She became less and less miture throughout the book so Sal had to watch her careful. Although Pheobe's mom did return.

The main target in this book was Sal's mom. Sal really wanted to get to her for her birthday. She rode with her grandparents all the way to Lewiston, Ohio. All the time she had rushed her grandparents past many momuments. Such as the black hills to get there. Although she hits a speed bump that turned ino a huge problem. A few days before her grandmother had been bitten by a snake. She then was rushed to a hospital. A couple days later she found herself in anther hospital, and it was the last place for her. Sal and her grandfather were waiting when Sal was taken out of the room by the nurse. Her grandfather before she left gave her a hint. A hint to what she should do. He wanted her to drive the last hundred miles with herself as the driver, she did just as he had said. Only to find her mother dead. The when she returned to her grandfather she had lost her grandmother. She had died too.

I think one thing I would change is the moms. In every book or movie I watch or read either a mom leaves or dies. Don't you think that gets a little old? I do. I think I would have changed the fact that the mom died. I think the author was tryig to say that things won't always work out for you nd you have to accept the truth.

Sign of the Beaver, December 1th 2009

Sign Of The Beaver Summary:

As Matt lays on his bed staring down at the cozy fire he wishes the Indians would have stayed. Although they were right about their land Matt wished they could have stayed near his family's cabin. Now they had white settlers living all around. He was also glad though that his family finally came. His dad had left for was supposed to be two months but was a long six months, but they had come. Matt was feeling quite honored. The Indians had called him their white brother. The Indian bot named Attean and his grandfather Sakniss had made a deal. Matt would read Robinson Crusoe to Attean and in exchange Attean supplied him with food and helped Matt live by showing him how to use a bow and arrow, making a a trap with trees, making bait for fishing, to make signs, and many more. As he stares at the fire he realizes that the Indains had saved his life, and even though they had offered for Matt to come with them, he had stayed and waited for his family to come. Matt's mom tucked him in bed, and before falling asleep he thanked the Indians for all they had done.

Whipping Boy Summary

As Jemmy and the prince look out at the kingdom below them, Jemmy thought how he got here, with the price on this very night. He was amazed but then again thankful. Some how he had made a friend here in the castle. That person just happened to be who everyone called Prince Brat. As he thought it over the prince had really changed. Before they left the prince was an orniray spoiled brat, hence the name Prince Brat. Now he was different, he was just another boy to Jemmy. Jemmy figured it was because he had to trust Jemmy to flee the two outlaws Billy and Cutwater, which he had done. Every since no one called him prince brat. He was a very well behaved kid and Jemmy's one and only friend. Jemmy smiled at the prince as they gazed out for the last time before going to bed.

Measle And The Wrathmonk - November, 18th, 2009

Ian Ogilvy was using a lot of imagination when he wrote Measle And The Wrathmonk. Throughout the book I felt as if I was there. I could feel the excitement during the chases and felt for Measle a lot as the book went on. Even though the setting was pretty much impossible I could still feel myself running with the characters through the setting. This book was full of great words and a great story. Even though it was a great story with some hard words I comprehended the book quite well. This is why I think this was a good book for me.

The story really starts when Measle finds out that Basil is not human. Measle did not live with his parents because they disappeared when Measle was young. Therefore his caretaker was Basil. He was in the attic playing with Basils seemingly real train set when Basil caught him. Basil then shrunk him and Measle was put as an ornament on Basil's table. As he was wandering around he found other people that were over taken by this spell. They all form a team to defeat the Wrathmonk.

The problem when one of Basil's spells backfired on him. He was trying to turn Measle into a cockroach but instead turned himself into one. Measle and his new friends William, Kip, Kitty, Prudence, Lady Grant, Frank, and a little dog Tinker. Prudence is the one that told them about the Wrathmonk business and it is up to her to tell them Basil's weakness. Prudence said that he may be cockroach now but the spell will wear off. They soon make a plan to have Measle and Tinker run down the railroad track to get the cockroach to follow him and the train would hit the cockroach and it would fall off and, well, not live. Everything went right except for the last part. The giant cockroach didn't fall off the table and was now very angry. But that night a bat came down from the rafters and carried Basil out the window. At that moment Basil became Basil again. But the bat could not hold him any longer and he was dropped and that was the last of Basil. Since Basil was destroyed so were his spells and everyone turned human again. For Measle's surprise, one of the statues was his very own parents. In the end everyone is happy and Measle finally lives with his parents.

Even though this book was a great book I think I would change the fact that Measle never knew much of any thing. He always was basiclly clueless of what Basil had said. I think I would make him get more suspecious about Basil. Over all though I think this was a great book. I think the authors message in this book was the fact that many wierd things may happen in life, some bad some good, but always try to keep your family.

Book Bytes - October 2009

Here is my book talk video.

Honus and Me - October 13, 2009

Today I am going to tell you about the book Jackie & Me. Jackie & Me is a great book and it is the second book in a serious after Honus & Me. These are both two great books by Dan Gutman. This book made me feel sad, bad and right in the action. I made a few text to me. One was that Joe Stoshack, the main character, was invited to play in a pick up game on the streets. When I lived back in Minnesota my friends and I would always play pick up games at the end of our road.

Some of the things that really changed with Joe was his personality. For an example, when he played baseball in his little league games the other players got him flustered and eventually he got ejected. Where as at the end of the book he learned to control his anger in his playing. I think because of the Phillies the whole Dodger team changed also. In the book the Phillies were very cruel against Jackie Robinson. They were calling him names and everything when one of the Dodgers stood up for Jackie and then they all did. In the end of the book they all realized, just because of the Phillie's that both white and black are equal.

Because the Dodgers then approved of Jackie the fans started to as well. Soon Jackie was respected and some other black people were allowed to play in the majors, and boy have some of them been good. I think the thing that I would change in this book is the character Ant. He was awful mean and lied to the police. I think that instead of Ant taking his cards I think that when Jackie moves they lose them. I think that the authors message is that every one is equal and that in some places in time and in this time right now in some places people are treated badly but treat them like you wanted t be treated. In others words the golden rule.