Whipping Boy Summary

As Jemmy and the prince look out at the kingdom below them, Jemmy thought how he got here, with the price on this very night. He was amazed but then again thankful. Some how he had made a friend here in the castle. That person just happened to be who everyone called Prince Brat. As he thought it over the prince had really changed. Before they left the prince was an orniray spoiled brat, hence the name Prince Brat. Now he was different, he was just another boy to Jemmy. Jemmy figured it was because he had to trust Jemmy to flee the two outlaws Billy and Cutwater, which he had done. Every since no one called him prince brat. He was a very well behaved kid and Jemmy's one and only friend. Jemmy smiled at the prince as they gazed out for the last time before going to bed.

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