Sign of the Beaver, December 1th 2009

Sign Of The Beaver Summary:

As Matt lays on his bed staring down at the cozy fire he wishes the Indians would have stayed. Although they were right about their land Matt wished they could have stayed near his family's cabin. Now they had white settlers living all around. He was also glad though that his family finally came. His dad had left for was supposed to be two months but was a long six months, but they had come. Matt was feeling quite honored. The Indians had called him their white brother. The Indian bot named Attean and his grandfather Sakniss had made a deal. Matt would read Robinson Crusoe to Attean and in exchange Attean supplied him with food and helped Matt live by showing him how to use a bow and arrow, making a a trap with trees, making bait for fishing, to make signs, and many more. As he stares at the fire he realizes that the Indains had saved his life, and even though they had offered for Matt to come with them, he had stayed and waited for his family to come. Matt's mom tucked him in bed, and before falling asleep he thanked the Indians for all they had done.

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