38 Weeks Till Summer Vacation - March 1st, 2010

I think Mona Kerby wrote 38 Weeks Till Summer Vacation to tell kids that some people are rude to you because they want to be friends with you, or they like you. The reason I think that is the meaning of the story is because that does happen in real life. People are mean or linger around people because they are nervous around them. That is why I think Mona Kerby wrote this book. This book in some parts was a little confusing, and made me feel bad for the main character, Nora Jean. I also felt her confusion and happiness as the story went on.

At the beginning of the story Nora Jean really admired another girl in her class named Thomasina. She thought that Thomasina was beautiful and smart. Because of this Nora Jean will do anything to become better friends with Thomasina. So Thomasina ends up using Nora Jean and telling her to get her bag and books for her. At first Nora Jean just did these things for Thomasina. But as the book went on Nora Jean turned her down and realized that Thomasina was using her. She then realized that her real true friend was a chubby girl named Rosalie. Another big character in the story was the bully Jimmy Lee. He was mean to Nora Jean all throughout the book. Until they had their pizza party at the library. Jimmy was sitting next to Nora Jean and then Nora Jean started to choke. Nobody noticed but Jimmy Lee. He told Nora Jean to stand up, Nora Jean did. Then he grabbed her back and pulled back. He was performing the Heimlich. Nora Jean then spit out the pepperoni she was choking on and was saved.

I think the problem was that Jimmy Lee was bothering Nora Jean. But Jimmy Lee actually liked her. He just liked messing with Nora Jean. But Nora Jean took everything seriously. Until Nora Jean was choking and Jimmy saved her, Nora Jean hated Jimmy Lee. It wasn't until he saved her that she realized he was just messing with her. So I think the solution was Nora Jean being saved by Jimmy Lee.

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  1. I think that same thing about people bothering and being mean to someone just so they can disguise them self of how much they like that person. They just don't want to tell that person that they like them, it is like they are scared to be nice. I have once experienced this before in my other school. I was getting picked on by this group of boys who were actually wanting to be be my friend. After reading this blog I now want to read this book to understand more about what you were trying to tell me.