Walk Two Moons 12/14/09

When Sharon Creech wrote Walk Two Moons I think she was aiming for the stars. Throughout the book she used amazing detail and had a heart warming story, but at the same time a big mystery. Whenever I read a single word from the book I could picture me there with the main character. Even though the book used great detail and had a great story line I could always follow and picture the story. That is why I thought Walk Two Moons was a just right book for me.

As the book went on more characters changed. The person that changed the most though was Sal and Pheobe. Sal changed in a miture way. She learned to accpet that her mother left her. Although she was sad because of her mother an aweful lot she still grew stronger without her mom. Even though when she sees her mother again she wasen't standing, she was under a gravestone. Pheobe, Sal's friend, Chnged in many ways to, but in the exact opposite way. Her mother left when Sal moved to Idaho. She left to find her child that she put up for adoption. Phobe and her family got very worried though. Pheobe's mom had just left, Pheobe was worried, sad, and mad. She became less and less miture throughout the book so Sal had to watch her careful. Although Pheobe's mom did return.

The main target in this book was Sal's mom. Sal really wanted to get to her for her birthday. She rode with her grandparents all the way to Lewiston, Ohio. All the time she had rushed her grandparents past many momuments. Such as the black hills to get there. Although she hits a speed bump that turned ino a huge problem. A few days before her grandmother had been bitten by a snake. She then was rushed to a hospital. A couple days later she found herself in anther hospital, and it was the last place for her. Sal and her grandfather were waiting when Sal was taken out of the room by the nurse. Her grandfather before she left gave her a hint. A hint to what she should do. He wanted her to drive the last hundred miles with herself as the driver, she did just as he had said. Only to find her mother dead. The when she returned to her grandfather she had lost her grandmother. She had died too.

I think one thing I would change is the moms. In every book or movie I watch or read either a mom leaves or dies. Don't you think that gets a little old? I do. I think I would have changed the fact that the mom died. I think the author was tryig to say that things won't always work out for you nd you have to accept the truth.

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