Skeleton Key - April - 12 - 2010

In Skeleton Key I think that Anthony Horowitz did very extreme job. What I mean by that is he really expanded the words and made the unexpected happen, because of this high amount of detail I was able to understand and feel what the character was going through. I understand how frustrated the main character, Alex Rider, was. He kept getting used just to keep his friend in England.

During the story Alex Rider was starting to be very cautious and pays plenty of attention to things he should pay attention to. When he was captured, he had to learn to deal with both the weird and the crazy. I think the main reason why Alex had to change was because there was so much change around him. Plus he had to keep his emotions inside him because of all the emotions bouncing around in his head. Another character that seemed to change rapidly was General Sarov. When he first saw Alex he thought of his son, and while Alex considered the General as his enemy, the General thought of him as his son. At first he loved Alex but later he was very confused why Alex wouldn't want to be his son. Sadly in the end the General had lost to much of his heart and passed away before his mad scheme could take place.

I felt that the problem in this story was the General. He wanted to kill and destroy tons of people and land to prove that his country has lost there great power. He intended to set a bomb on the eastern coast of Russia. When he was done he would make the president hated and later he would become the new one. Throughout the story Alex run into little bumps in the road that slowed him down from stopping the General from this madness. In the end though the police come to the coast before the bomb was set. Alex took care of the Generals helper but the General had had enough and past away. Alex had saved the world for the fourth time.


  1. Good job on your blog. I liked your conection with Alex and how you feel like him. I wouldn't change a thing in your blog.

  2. Well done! Your blog was almost perfect in my opinion. But I think you forgot what you were going to change and the authors message. What was the General so mad about.