A Single Shard - May - 4 - 2010

I think that Linda Sue Park made this book, A Single Shard, to teach a lesson. I think that in this book their were many lessons, but the biggest one is to never give. The reason I think that is because when the main character, Tree-ear, goes on his journey many things get in his way but he continues throughout the days to his goal. During the book Mrs. Park used a great amount of detail to tell me what was going on, and to comprehend what had already happened.

Two characters that really changed in story were Min the potter and Tree-ear. Tree-ear really changed throughout the book. First he was just an orphan that only worked with his friend to survive, but then changes one day when he takes a look inside Mins house and breaks one of Mins pieces of work. After that he has to work for Min for a few weeks for him to build the same figure. But Tree-ear wanted to work more for no pay. Min approves but his wife says that they have to give at least one meal. So he works for Min even though Min is not the nicest to Tree-ear, and then once Tree-ear returns home he finds out that Craneman is dead. So I think changed to most because of much his lifestyle changed. Another person that changed was Min. He was always very strict with Tree-ear and didn't care for him much. But when Tree-ear goes through his hard times Min was there for him. In fact he adopted Tree-ear. I think that was a huge change.

I think that there were many problems in this story but the main one was getting Min's work to the emissary in Songdo. It would take at least three days and Tree-ear would be alone the whole time. But then adding onto that problem theifs steal the vases and throw them off the cliff. Luckily Tree-ear remembered the words of the emissary "All I need is a single shard of an inlay work and you can have the job." Tree-ear did just this, he gave the shard to the emissary, and then was escorted back to his home. Later he told Min of the great news, he had got the job!

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